Dexter was already 20 years old when he arrived at the animal shelter. He was severely underweight and was in desperate need of a loving home. 

When Jill Williams first saw Dexter she knew that she wanted to give this senior kitty a loving, family home to live out his golden years in.

As soon as Dexter arrived in his new home he discovered that Jill was a mom to 2 boys and three dogs. That was it, Dexter was smitten.

He immediately showered the two boys with love. 


He would nuzzle into the crooks of their necks and rub his face and body up against them for hours. Jill says that his favourite things are the two boys and his Wolfpack!


He especially loves his 120 lb wolf-sister, Flora.

“They are best friends,” explains Jill. “They sleep together and snuggle all day long.”


Jill thinks Dexter looks amazing for his age. “He loves ONLY fancy feast (must be the fanciest or he’ll knock it right off the table). He likes to find the sunbeams and lay in them. He likes to sleep on my human children at night and they spoil him.”

Considering Dexter is a senior kitty he has a big appetite and he’s always eating. He gets very vocal and is rather grumpy sounding when he wants his dinner, Jill says that he won’t leave you alone until he gets what he wants. He is definitely the king of this household!


When it’s nap time Dexter always loves to snuggle with one of his best friends.


And if they’re not available, he heads straight for his plushy toys, of which there are many.


He is such a loving kitty that he doesn’t like to see his humans by themselves. He will hop onto their chair and keep them company whenever they need it.


 But Flora is his biggest fan. They love each other very much.


At almost 22, Dexter still has a lot of love to give.

Check out this adorable video of his first day with his new family:

UPDATE: Sadly Dexter has now passed over the rainbow bridge – but his memory will live on forever in the hearts of everyone that met him. 



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