Juke is a 3-4 year old male Cross-Breed. He is small size still young and very special boy. Currently in Chatham, Kent, ME5. Neutered. Just around 34cm/8 kilos. Need a secure garden with no steps. He needs to change foster again as he started to be very reactive to ladies partner and he doesn’t like it.

That what family says about JUKE: ” Juke is quite a little character which comes out once he trusts you , and adores a belly rub .Juke is nervous and scared of men and reacts by barking . Given time and taken at his pace he is fine. Juke is scared of sudden movement and noises, especially if loud, but is improving.

He does react to dogs , cats and animals in general . He loves being in the garden and “ bouncing “ around on his bum . He also has a wheelchair which he is getting used to. Juke needs to wear a male belly band nappy. Juke would suit a quiet home with someone there a lot of the time , and willing to take things at his pace. I wouldn’t advise young children due to sudden movements and noise.

He is a lovely little dog who just needs someone to love him.” His story is very sad. Someone decided he is rubbish and threw him in a rubbish bin, in a plastic pack. He looked dead. But suddenly he showed a small sign of live, little sound and was immediately taken to clinics. Investigation and XRay showed old spinal trauma and old severe back leg fracture.

We think he was sadistically bitten by his ex-owners, and when they saw he can’t stand, they just threw him our as rubbish. There was long week in clinic when JUKE was not able to raise his head, when vets can’t promise that he will live, on not-stop droppers. Then there were many weeks of rehabilitation. The verdict was very sad: JUKE has paralyzed back legs.

His broken leg got worse, started drying and he was constantly chewing it, so it had to be amputated. But still miracle happened: he is not just alive, he is full of live, he values EVERY DAY in warm home near the human, he is enjoying his life, but he doesn’t have his forever home. For more then a year he is moving from foster to foster, every time in hope and this will be his home.

But the time comes and he move to other home. He needs calm, patient dog lovers adult home, better without the other dogs (or work to make them along needed, earlier he was fine at foster with other dogs). : long-term foster (at least 2-3 months) or adopt.


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