We love our dogs and their unique personalities. Sometimes, they do weird things that make us go “what!?” Other times, they do the usual mundane things a dog usually does. But many of these actions have their own meanings and allow us to peek into our dog’s mood and psychology. In this blog post, we talk about some of the common actions our fur babies do and the reasoning behind them.


We all love the zoomies and see viral videos of dogs doing them online. They’re adorable and entertaining. Zoomies aren’t just fun to watch, but they’re a good sign as well. They are short bursts of energies that your pup can’t seem to control, and it’s because of how excited they are. So if you just got home and your dog does zoomies, then they really love you!

Fun fact: did you know that there’s a scientific term for zoomies? It’s called frenetic random activity periods or ‘FRAPS’!


Unlike us humans, dogs usually don’t sneeze just because of allergies or colds. According to the American Kennel Club, sometimes dogs sneeze or “play sneeze” to show dogs or humans that they’re being playful. Sometimes, they also “fake sneeze” to get attention. Chances are, they sneeze to get what they want from you.

Dogs can also sneeze because of allergies or health problems, so it’s best to monitor them if they do it constantly.


Just like sneezing, yawning can mean a different thing for dogs. When a dog yawns, it doesn’t mean that he’s sleepy. Most of the time, it means that they’re stressed or anxious and are trying to relax themselves. So if your fur baby is yawning a lot, that may not be a good sign.

Did you know that yawns are contagious for dogs as well? If your dog yawns after seeing you yawn, it could be a sign of emotional closeness.

Exposing Their Bellies

When your pooch starts lying on their back in front of you to show their bellies, it isn’t actually to ask for belly rubs. It’s a sign that they trust you or could mean submission if they’re playing with other dogs. Showing their bellies to you means that your dog is happy and comfortable with his surroundings. 

Licking Wounds

When dogs lick wounds, it’s not just because they’re trying to heal it. It also means that they’re trying to soothe the pain and discomfort. According to Pet MD, dogs’ saliva does indeed have bacteria-killing properties but it’s only effective against Escherichia coli and Streptococcus canis.

Do note however that your dog licking his wounds too much isn’t good as it may cause more bacteria to enter and lead to infections. 

Now that you know the meaning behind some of your dog’s behavior, which one can you relate to the most? 


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