Eir, a charming 6-7-month-old cross-breed girl, is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to find her forever home. As a Ukraine war dog, Eir is in dire need of a safe haven where she can leave the traumas of her past behind and embrace the promise of a new life.

Scheduled to arrive in the UK on the 23rd of May, Eir is available for foster-to-adopt, providing prospective owners with the chance to give her the love and security she deserves.

Despite her young age, Eir displays remarkable maturity and gentleness, embodying the meaning of her name, which translates to “peacefulness” and “mercy.”

Found alongside her five siblings as tiny, vulnerable puppies near an abandoned village, Eir’s early days were fraught with danger, with the looming threat of passing cars claiming the life of a dog believed to be their mother.

Despite her challenging start, Eir exudes warmth and affection, yearning for human companionship and displaying a deep-seated desire to form a bond with her future family.

She is described as gentle, joyful, and human-oriented, always eager to be by your side and soak up every moment of attention and affection you offer.

Eir’s friendly disposition extends to her interactions with other dogs, although she has not been tested with cats. She is expected to thrive in a home environment with children aged 7 and above, where her playful nature can be appreciated and nurtured.

With her intelligence and eagerness to please, Eir is a quick learner, making her an ideal companion for an active family willing to invest time and effort in her training.

Despite not being spayed due to her young age, arrangements will be made with future owners to ensure her continued well-being. Eir is in excellent health, having received all core vaccines and undergone C.Brucella testing for added peace of mind.

In return for a loving home, Eir promises a lifetime of devotion and companionship, bringing joy and warmth into the lives of her fortunate adopters.


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