On April 29, Nashville Zoo welcomed the very first spotted fanaloka to be born in the United States. The male pup is being hand-reared by the Zoo’s veterinary staff and is alert and healthy.

He was born to a pair of fanaloka that recently arrived at the Zoo and are being cared for in an area away from public view. The three fanaloka, including the baby, are the only known members of its species that live at an AZA facility in the US. Nashville Zoo is working to breed and conserve them in an effort to bring attention to this lesser-known species.


Fanaloka (Fossa fossana) are native to the lowland and rainforest areas of Madagascar and listed as vulnerable according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature due to habitat destruction. This small nocturnal species is considered the second-largest predator in Madagascar. The fanaloka’s diet includes small mammals, reptiles, aquatic animals, bird eggs and insects.

Autor Andrew Bleiman


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