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Allegra and the Crinkly Plastic Seal


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a toy that appears at my house every now and then, only to go away just as quickly.

Whenever I hear mom open a jar or other container that has one of those crinkly plastic seals, I come running into the kitchen! It doesn’t matter where in the house I may have been, or whether I was fast asleep, because to me, that sound is just simply irresistible!

Mom usually lets me have the plastic, and some of these plastic thingies are super cool because they’re really long and like a spiral. She tosses them for me and dangles them for me to bat at.

Sometimes, I grab one and run away with it, but Mom always follows me. She never lets me out of her sight when I play with them.

Sadly, those play session always end very quickly, because Mom takes the thing away from me as soon as I start chewing on it. Doesn’t she know that that’s the most fun part of all in this game?

I know, I know. She doesn’t want me to swallow pieces of plastic and she takes it away from me to keep me safe, but it’s still such a bummer! At least she always tosses another toy for me right away so I can keep playing, even though it’s not quite the same.

Kitties, do you like playing with plastic crinkly seals?

A note from Ingrid: Allegra has always been fascinated with anything plastic. I have to keep plastic bags out of her reach. She also likes to chew on rubber flip flops. There are several theories as to why so many cats love plastic, one of them being that fish oil is used in the manufacture of some plastics. Regardless of why cats are attracted to plastic, never leave them unsupervised with plastic bags or anything else made from plastic that they could ingest.


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