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Allegra and the Morning Workout


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a new job I have: I’m Mom’s purrsonal trainer!

Most mornings, Mom turns on the TV, but instead of sitting on the sofa with her legs stretched out so I can jump up on her lap, like she does in the evenings, she jumps around and waves her arms and twists and contorts her body into weird positions. She says it’s called working out and that it keeps her healthy and in good spirits.

She hasn’t always done this. She used to leave the house to exercise and come back an hour later smelling of fresh air. She still does that almost every day, but over the last few months, she’s added in this weird TV morning routine.


It took me a while to figure out how I could help, but now I’ve got my own routine. As soon as Mom starts, I make sure to weave between her legs, follow her as she walks around the room, and sit next to her while she’s doing stuff on the floor. I make sure she doesn’t quit before the lady on the TV says she can!

Kitties: do you help your humans with this “working out” business?

A note from Ingrid: I previously mentioned that I started working out with Schellea Fowler, an energetic 50-something-year-old who offers a series of short workouts on her fabulous50s Youtube channel. Working out has never been this much fun for me. I love that the videos are short – some as short as 5 minutes, others 10, 15 or 30 minutes – so they can be easily squeezed in throughout even the busiest day.

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