I spent about 45 minutes at my local pond yesterday afternoon and one of my favorite images from being there was this American Coot with a funky reflection.

American Coot reflection – Nikon D500, tripod mounted, f7.1, 1/1600, ISO 500, Nikkor 500mm VR with 1.4x TC, natural light

Earlier in the morning the pond had been almost completely covered by a thin layer of ice. During the day the sun had melted most of the ice and the water was open and calm. When I got to the pond there were only three fishermen there besides myself.

The ducks and geese moved away from me but the coots barely noticed that I had walked closer to them. Most of the coots were busy feeding on aquatic vegetation. Because the coots were the birds that were closest to me, I focused on them often. I’ll most likely share more images of the coots in the future but for today I only wanted to share this photo.

The reflection is what catches my eye in this American Coot image. The gentle bow wave in front of the bird elongated the reflection of the coot and the best word I could think of to describe it is funky.

Even though I was only at the pond for less than an hour it felt wonderful to me to see the birds, blue sky and the Wasatch Mountains to the east. I was craving being outdoors.  I needed to soak up some nature and my local pond helps me do that close to home.

Life is good.


Click here to view more of my American Coot photos plus facts and information about this species.

Autor Mia McPherson


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