A couple from Virginia reschedules their wedding ceremony two hours earlier to be able to adopt a rescue puppy on Saturday, October 28.

The newlyweds, Eduardo Del Pozo and Regan Mast, adopted four-month-old Daisy, a German Shepherd, at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter right after exchanging vows and saying “I do”.

According to PEOPLE, the couple visited the animal shelter two days prior looking to adopt a rescue puppy.

A shelter employee told the couple that a four-month-old puppy will be available for adoption during the grand opening of the shelter’s new branch in Lorton.

Del Pozo and Mast were told to be at the shelter’s grand opening for better chances of being able to adopt the pup.

But there was a catch — the shelter’s grand opening was at 11 AM on October 28, the same time AND day as the couple’s wedding ceremony.

But the couple told PEOPLE that they were set on adopting Daisy the pup. So, they asked their officiant, close friends, and family if they could move the wedding ceremony to 9 AM. Thankfully, everyone agreed.

Del Pozo recounts the moment they arrived at the shelter, “I was in my suit, and she was still in her dress.”

After exchanging their vows and snapping a few wedding photos, the couple rushed to the shelter.

Rebecca Cavedon, the shelter’s communications manager, reveals that the couple were actually first in line.

Cavedon said the newlyweds arrived when the staff members at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter were still cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

After adopting Daisy, Del Pozo and Mast surprised their loved ones at the wedding reception by bringing the newest furry addition to the family.

“It symbolized us starting our own family,” Eduardo tells PEOPLE. “My wife and I are beyond excited.”

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter posted about Daisy’s adoption and wrote, “It’s safe to say that Daisy will be incredibly loved in her new home, and we were so happy for the newlyweds (and new dog parents)!”

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