Another bird photo from my last trip to Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, where this creekside Eastern Phoebe posed and sang for me for several minutes.

Creekside Eastern Phoebe singing – Nikon D500, f13, 1/160, ISO 1600, -0.7 EV, Nikkor 500mm VR with 1.4x TC, natural light

I actually heard this phoebe before I spotted it perched in the shadows of the trees next to Sandy Creek. Because of the shadows, I had some difficulty locating the phoebe at first, but then I found it.

Within seconds, the phoebe flew across the road after some type of insect that it caught and swallowed in the roadside grasses. When it lifted off from the ground, I thought my opportunity to photograph it was over.

To my surprise, the Eastern Phoebe flew to another branch close to my Jeep where the light was much better where it began to sing and call.

The phoebe was so close that I even considered backing up a bit to give it more room. I decided against it since starting my vehicle’s engine might have startled the phoebe and caused it to fly away.

Instead, I enjoyed every second that I had with this Eastern Phoebe in my viewfinder and listened to it sing. I’m working on adding images to my Eastern Phoebe photo gallery!

It was a bright, clear day with little to no wind. The wind seems to blow here in south-central Oklahoma quite a bit. I’m not complaining—well, maybe a little. The wind is simply a fact of life here.

I basically had the whole refuge to myself that early in the day to enjoy the birds and wildlife. I’m grateful that I took some time out in nature that morning.

When I was leaving the refuge, I stopped and helped a box turtle across the road. I’m not sure the turtle appreciated my help, but knowing it was safe eased my mind.

Life is good.


Click here to see more of my Eastern Phoebe photos plus facts and information about this species.


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