Darling Dottie – is a cross breed girl approximately 18 months old currently in foster care in the UK having arrived from Cyprus just 2 weeks ago.

She was found as a stray with her little friend Lacey, both had obviously had a tough time, humans had not been kind to them and both girls were frightened and hand shy.

However, fast forward two weeks and already we are seeing a different Dottie! We can’t quite believe the leaps and bounds she’s made in such a short time, she’s blossoming, growing in confidence and flourishing in her foster home.

Dottie is currently living with two other dogs who’ve been helping to show her all she needs to know about life in the UK and wow, she is a fast learner and has learnt so much really quickly!

She has learnt her name, “this way ” and “come back! “She has good recall, never letting her foster mummy out of her sight.

Dottie is so bright and eager to please she is an absolute dream to train!

Dottie is mastering her housetraining with only the odd accident here and there. She’s happy to be out with her doggy friends on a leash she walks well and doesn’t pull.

In seeking her forever home, Dottie would really benefit having another dog to live with.

She is still young in her nature so there are still some puppy behaviours present, she has a little growing up to do but Dottie is full of fun and incredibly joyful in her nature.

 She travels very well in a car , enjoying short trips. She has been left alone for short periods and has been happy to wait for her foster mummy with her doggy friends.

Her favourite things are playing with doggy friends, cuddling up on a lap, snoozing on the sofa playing with her toys – and treats!

Young children may make her a little unsure and so families with children over 10 years old would be advised. Dottie has not been cat tested.


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