I always get baths before a cat show. In fact, I get baths pretty regularly. I need to be clean for my therapy cat visits, and I have to be well groomed for the pro photo sessions and film appearances. I bet you wonder lots of things about my baths, so I decided to let you in on a few of my bath facts.

Somali cat getting a blow dry.

  • I have been getting baths since I was three months old. I started competing in cat shows when I was four months. So my breeder started getting me used to them a few weeks ahead of time.
  • While I don’t love baths, I am okay about getting them. I might complain before the process starts, but I resign myself to it once my human starts spraying water on me. There’s really not much else to do!
  • The sink in the enclosed patio is there especially for my baths. In the winter, it is usually too cold to bathe me out there, so I get my baths in the kitchen sink instead.
  • I am never angry or mean about the baths. I will occasionally jump out of the sink but my human just fetches me and puts me right back. Once I am wet, we need to finish the process.
  • I get two shampoos. The first one is a clarifying shampoo, and the second one is a regular pet shampoo. I get rinsed thoroughly because my grooming won’t look good otherwise.
  • I don’t mind the blow dry. Not the noise or the air blowing. That comes from my being introduced to it at such an early age.
  • Before the blow dry, I get sprayed with a detangler. I am groomed with two combs. The smaller comb is for my shorter fur, and the bigger comb is for my tail and pantaloons.
  • At some point during the blow dry, something visibly changes in my attitude. I go from being rather unhappy about the process to strutting around. I feel awesome when we’re finishing up, really! Also, I know that if I am getting a bath, it almost always means we are doing something I will enjoy within a day or so.
  • My human uses some of the same blow dry techniques on her own hair as she uses on my fur! And she has been known to steal some of my clarifying shampoo (which is a drugstore brand human shampoo).
  • In case you are wondering, yes, both Binga and Boodie had baths at some point in their lifetimes. Usually they had gotten into something or had a litter box mishap. And while neither of them was thrilled — quite the opposite! — neither of them were mean or violent either. Binga did complain loudly, but that was about it. Maybe that has something to do with my human’s attitude. She puts all of us in the water with no fear, and she expects us to just deal with it… and we do.

Somali cat right after a bath.

I think you can tell that I enjoy feeling pretty and groomed!

Here’s the video. I think you can see some of what I explained right here.

In case you are wondering, my human’s funny comment about the liquor in the background is actually true! Hard alcohol gives her a headache so she rarely indulges (she only drinks champagne). But she puts it in her cooking every chance she gets.

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