I don’t know why U.S. Independence Day has to be so noisy! Since the country has so many pet owners, you’d think they’d do something about that. But every year around the Fourth of July, dogs and cats are traumatized by all the loud bangs and explosions. We have very sensitive ears and it’s horrible.

Fortunately, I’m not as disturbed as many by fireworks. My human always does things to distract me, and I feel pretty safe in general. But lots of cats have an awful time with the fourth, so I have some suggestions to help.

Somali cat in a cat bed on a human bed

One is to create a private, quiet environment for your cat. A room with the drapes or shutters drawn to block out some of the noise, and which contains some of their very favorite and familiar items. If your cat prefers hiding under the bed during fireworks, make it as comfortable as possible under there for them.

Somali cat scratching on a cardboard scratcher

Do include a scratcher in the room, because one way a cat relieves stress is by scratching.

Somali cat in Uncle Sam Hat sniffing a catnip toy

Cat toys of your cat’s preference are always a good addition. During the noisiest part of the night, my human usually cranks the air conditioner (it’s noisy!), and plays with me with an interactive toy like my RompiCatz Cattipeed. (Affiliate link)

Somali cat with a red, white and blue treat container

And don’t forget your cat’s favorite treats! Some cats may be too upset to be hungry, but they may want something tasty a little later.

I have some more tips for you in the video below.

So if you live in the U.S., like we do, have a safe and sane holiday!

Helping Your Cat Feel Safe on the 4th (Video)


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