How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Hurricanes

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As hurricane season rolls in with its unpredictable weather patterns, it’s vital to prepare not just for your safety but for your beloved pets as well. Hurricanes can be as stressful for animals as they are for humans, with high winds, heavy rain, and the potential need to evacuate creating an environment of uncertainty. Consequently, preparing in advance to keep your dog safe during hurricanes can mean the difference between calmness and chaos.

Tips for keeping your dog safe during hurricane season

According to the natural disaster guide from Austin Pets Alive! and the American Red Cross of Central and South Texas, here are some tips to ensure your dog’s safety during hurricane season:

  1. Prepare an emergency kit: Just as you would for any other family member, prepare an emergency kit specifically for your dog. This kit should include a sufficient supply of food and water — for at least five days — medications, veterinary records, a pet first-aid kit, a secure leash, and a comfortable muzzle. Don’t forget to include your dog’s favorite toys or blankets to provide comfort in a stressful situation.
  2. Update identification: Ensure your dog’s identification is up to date. This means verifying that their microchip information is current and that they have a sturdy collar with an ID tag. These simple steps can significantly increase the chances of being reunited with your pet should you become separated.
  3. Secure a safe space: Identify a safe area within your home where your dog can stay during the storm. This space should be away from windows and any potential hazards. If your dog is crate trained, their crate can offer them a sense of safety.
  4. Understand shelter policies: If evacuation is necessary, know ahead of time which shelters or accommodations accept pets. Not all emergency shelters allow animals, so it’s crucial to have a list of pet-friendly places. Call ahead or check online for policies and requirements.
  5. Maintain calm and routine: Dogs can sense anxiety and stress in their owners, which can make them nervous. Try to stay calm and maintain as much of your normal routine as possible. Regular walks — when safe — feeding times, and play can help keep your dog’s anxiety levels down.

Finally, once the hurricane has passed, be cautious when letting your dog outside. Debris, downed power lines, and contaminated water can pose serious dangers. Always keep your pet on a leash for safety and supervise them closely in the post-hurricane environment.


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