When Micheline, who lives in Montréal, Canada, spotted a litter of kittens hiding behind the shed in her backyard she tried to approach them but they ran away.

She saw them a couple of days later and sadly only two of them had survived.

This time she managed to catch them and bring them inside but despite every effort to save them, one of the kittens also lost her life.

But on a happier note, the remaining ginger and white cat made it through the night and appeared healthy.

Micheline then contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal, in the hope of giving him the chance of a better life.

“We took the kitten in and named him Beorf,” explained Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

“He was so happy to have hugs and unlimited food to eat. When he arrived at the clinic, he was curious about everything around him.”


Isabelle is a foster volunteer and she welcomed Beorf into her loving home.

He soon adapted to indoor life and Celine discovered that he was a very vocal kitten as he would meow loudly if whenever he wanted something.

“He loves to explore and isn’t shy at all. He thinks he’s the king of the house,” Celine said. “Beorf is a ball of energy, curious and completely fearless.”


Not long after, rescuers were able to find his mom through a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program and she was relocated to a farm.

She now lives alongside people that provide her with food and shelter so it’s good to know her story has a happy ending.

Meanwhile little Beorf  blossomed into a lovable, fluffy cat with a purr motor that goes on forever.


“He purrs as soon as you pet him. He likes to climb the cat tree and sit by the window. He constantly wants to be near his humans and supervise everything they do.”

When he was three months old he was ready for adoption and the family that came to meet him were instantly smitten.

When they held him in their arms, the kitten immediately started to purr.


It’s lovely to know that after a rough start in life, Beorf has found the family that he will spend the rest of his life with in his forever home.


“Now, he sleeps with his loving humans every night. He is as happy as can be.”

Beorf finally has his dream come true.



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