Partners with Paws owner Jacqueline Gori donates 50 copies of “I Love Labs – The Cooperslane Legacy” to mental health workers at Grand River Hospital.

Gori, who owns her own service dog whose name is Samson, wrote the book to share memorable stories of service dogs that come from Cooperslane Kennels. Valerie Cooper, who started Cooperslane Kennels, is well-known in the service dog industry for donating entire dog litters to National Service Dogs and Autism Dog Services. Cooperslane specializes specifically in breeding labradors.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to training service dogs. According to Gori, the 50 books that were donated to the hospital were purchased by Partners with Paws donors who chose to donate it to the mental health care workers. 

So far, they were able to sell 400 books at $35 per piece, for a total of $14,000 to train service dogs. Training service dogs typically takes up to two years.

Gori encourages those who want to purchase the book to donate it to “either a first-time Cooperslane family who is going to pick up their very first puppy, or to a healthcare worker.” She hopes that this book can alleviate the stress of the mental health workers through its heartfelt and entertaining stories. 

Cooperslane service dogs have not only saved Gori’s life, but plenty of other people across Ontario whose stories have been included in the book. 

The organization has been able to raise a total of $60,000 so far and placed five service dogs. They also have another two placements in the works and hope for an additional three or four this year.

For anyone who wants to help, Gori encourages people to purchase the book as a donation for Grand River Hospital or another hospital.


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