It’s my eighth birthday today! Can you believe it? And my human has been so busy, she didn’t have time to prepare a post ahead of time. Which is okay, because I am going live on TikTok later to celebrate in real time. (I’m not sure of the time yet, but it’ll be in the afternoon Pacific Time.) But for now, I’m looking back at my past birthdays. I think I’ll only do this once… there are getting to be too many of them!

Somali cat with tiny birthday lion and balloon

This was my first birthday, and also my first birthday here. My human kept things fairly simple that year.

Somali cat with birthday cake

My second birthday was also a pretty simple affair. Can you believe I had to share this tiny cake with Binga and Boodie? The least my human could have done was make a cake with a 6 ounce can of food.

Somali cat with birthday cake with candles

My third birthday here, and the same sort of birthday cake.

Somali cat in party dress and birthday pin

I had a fun party for my fourth birthday! And I even had a giveaway.

Somali cat outside with cat food cake and candle

I celebrated my fifth birthday outside, and that was nice!

Somali cat wearing a happy birthday cake hat

Things went downhill on my sixth birthday because we were in lockdown because of Covid. Plus it was my first birthday without Binga here.

Somali cat with birthday cake hat and card

Last year’s birthday was also pretty simple because of Covid. Plus I was the only cat here now.

I hear that as you get older, you think birthdays are overrated. But I say why not celebrate? Even if you don’t want to tell your age, it’s still a good idea to have a little fun and a piece of cake!

* * *

My 8th Birthday, and Caturday Birthday Flashbacks


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