Thousands of American XL Bully owners in England and Wales have been issued a certificate of exemption ahead of the breed’s complete ban on February 1. 

UK government reveals how many XL Bully dogs have been registered

More than 30,000 owners have been registered under the exemption scheme, Sky News reports. These owners must ensure that their canines have a microchip and keep them muzzled and on lead at‌ all times when out in public.

Furthermore, owners with an exemption certificate are expected to have their dogs neutered or spayed as soon as possible unless the animal is less than a year old. 

Current Bully XL owners who don’t wish to keep their animals should have them euthanized by January 31. The government will issue a £200 compensation for the costs incurred to owners who choose to euthanize their pets. 

However, one should have euthanized their XL Bully by the set deadline for the financial claim to be considered valid. 

How to register your XL Bully Dog in the UK before the deadline

Bully XL owners in England and Wales can apply for a certificate of exemption through the U.K. government’s official website.

For a successful registration, one must pay £92.40 and submit a third-party public liability insurance for their XL Bully. Applications should be completed by midday, January 31, since the registration system will close then. 

It’s worth noting that these deadlines do not apply to XL Bully owners in Scotland. This is because the breed’s ban in the region will come into full effect at a later date.  

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