I got to visit one of my favorite small pet shops!

Happy Somali cat at pet shop getting petted by owner

You can see why it’s one of my favorites! The owner is always ready to pet me and give me treats! Actually, one time we came in, an employee was there, and she was just as nice to me.

Somali cat on leash at pet shop

Since this store is so spacious, there is lots of room for me to wander on my leash. And there is a lot to browse through.

Somali cat sniffing catnip donut at store

On this visit, instead of sniffing dog chews, I stayed in the cat section for some good smells.

Somali cat checking out Yeowww catnip fish

There were so many good smells to be had!

Somali cat rubbing on pet store shelf

Since cats can’t leave Yelp reviews, this is how I endorse my favorite pet shops.

Somali cat looking out window

I usually don’t care about what goes on outside of the stores, but this time I wanted to look out the window. My human thought the light was nice so she took some photos before we left.

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