Two dogs left starving in freezing temperatures at a local Park in Tacoma, Washington, were rescued and taken to the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County for life-saving treatment. 

Veterinarians from the non-profit animal welfare agency are crediting a community member with rescuing the pair of 2-year-old Pit Bulls. When the individual found the dogs, temperatures were down to about 26 degrees.

It’s still unclear how the dogs got to the park and whether someone intentionally left them there. However, thanks to the kind actions of the good Samaritan, the two canines — named Marnie and Muffin — are still alive. That said, the dogs are currently receiving round-the-clock treatment and care. 

Abandoned, starving dogs rescued before freezing to death

As per King 5 News, a person passing through Wright Park on Oct. 27 spotted the two Pit Bulls, who appeared severely emaciated and freezing. Without hesitation, the individual sprang into action. He rushed the visibly ill canines to the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County, where veterinarians battled to save their lives.

“The team went into immediate care, giving them fluids, trying to get them to eat, as well as trying to get Muffin warmed up,” Lindsey Heaney, director of communications for the Tacoma Humane Society, said. 

Muffin was most affected by his condition. He had severe hypothermia and could barely walk. In particular, Heaney shared that “Muffin was very cold and hypothermic and wasn’t able to move.” Continuing, she added, “We were making sure we had a lot of heated blankets on Muffin as soon as possible. Trying to get his temperature up was really key.”

Unfortunately, Muffin’s recovery over the past couple of days hasn’t been very promising. The veterinarians are worried about him barely eating and his inability to retain nutrients. 

“He’s having a hard time keeping food down,” said Heaney. Staff members “are still running tests and making sure that he’s getting the care that he needs to make it through this.”

Marnie, on the other hand, is recovering at a much faster pace. However, veterinarians say she is still quite thin. Accordingly, they are doing everything possible to boost her hydration and help her gain weight.

Pit Bulls given a second chance at life

Being an open-admission shelter, Heaney revealed that the Humane Society handles many neglect cases similar to Muffin’s and Marnie’s. With the weather getting colder by the day, the rescue is actively working towards saving as many dogs as possible from near-death experiences caused by freezing temperatures.  

“As the colder weather comes in, we want to make sure we’re trying to minimize as many urgent need cases coming in due to that cold weather,” Heaney explained. “The best bet is really to bring them in to make sure they have a warm place to be and a safe place to be as well.”

The Tacoma Humane Society is accepting donations to help provide critical care to Muffin, Marnie, and other neglected dogs. 

After recovering, dogs will be up for adoption

Given that they were in critical condition when brought it, Marnie and Muffin are lucky to be alive. According to the veterinary team, the two canines wouldn’t have made it if they were brought in any later. That said, it’s fortunate that the heroic bystander was in the right place at the right time.

Heaney confirmed that the plan is to put the dogs up for adoption as soon as they fully recover. She shared, “That’s the goal…if all goes well” and the dogs are “happy and healthy.” Continuing, Heaney added, “We want to make sure that we’re finding them loving homes.”

The circumstances surrounding the abandonment of the two Pit Bulls remain a mystery. Nonetheless, the Tacoma Humane Society reminds the public that abandoning a dog and leaving them starved, dehydrated, and freezing — among other inhumane acts — warrants first-degree animal cruelty charges.   

The Humane Society has an active pet support team that can offer food or shelter to pet owners. This gesture is a great way for the organization to reduce pet abandonment cases, especially now that colder weather is here. 

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