The American Bully is a rather unorthodox breed. They are a crossbreed of an American Staffordshire Terrier or an American Pit Bull with various types of Bulldog breeds.

Dogs are said to be the most loyal of all animals. Their loyalty knows no bounds. Previously, people prized dogs that looked ferocious and dangerous and tested that loyalty by having them guard a place or person. Now, most people prefer calm and collected dogs because they make good family pets. Such is the story of the American Bully.

While the dogs may be a relatively new breed, they’re known for their loyalty and affection. They also come in various sizes, from the Extreme to the Pocket Bully.

This article will distinguish between the major types of American Bullies.

Meet the American Bully

The American Bully is a rather unorthodox breed. They are a crossbreed of an American Staffordshire Terrier or an American Pit Bull with various types of Bulldog breeds.

Even though they look ferocious, the dogs are calm and collected and considered family pets because they are good with children.


They are five types of American Bully, which include:

  1. Classic 
  2. Standard
  3. Pocket
  4. XL
  5. Extreme

Classic Bully

The classic bully somewhat resembles the standard bully. Even though it looks mostly like a PitBull, the qualities of a Bully are still present. It has a narrow-body structure that usually catches the eye of the viewer. Its average weight ranges from 60 to 80 pounds. The height fluctuates a bit between gender. The classic female measures up to 18 inches, while a male measures up to 20 inches. The dog has a compact body with heavy bones, a blocky head, and a short muzzle. It is one of the most obedient dogs globally and would do anything to please its owner. Its average cost is around $2000.

Standard Bully

The standard bully is compact. It has a blocky head and a highly muscular body. The dog may look small, but it has an immense amount of strength. It has a massive build with a large and heavy bone structure, making it scary. The height varies from gender to gender. A male is approximately 17 to 20 inches, while females measure up to 19 inches. Like the classic bully, the standard bully is an obedient breed and can be protective at times. Their price ranges from $2000 to $5000. 

Pocket Bully

American Bulldog puppy on blue background.
The Pocket Bully is a miniature version of the American Bully.

The Pocket Bully is one of the most renowned dog breeds globally. It is like a miniature version of the American Bully types, but its height makes it unique. A Pocket Bully is a small compact dog with a huge neck, a humongous head, and a low-level back, making it look muscular. It has short, muscular legs with a pretty broad chest. Its average weight is approximately 10 to 20 pounds. It is an intelligent breed and needs a lot of physical and mental exercise for complete development. The average price of a Pocket Bully is $1000 to $1200.

XL Bully

The XL Bully is one of the largest breeds of American Bully. Its primary purpose was to create a good family companion. Don’t let the size scare you too much; they’re friendly towards everyone, including children, older people, and even strangers. The average height of the female is 19 to 22 inches, and that of the male ranges from 20 to 23 inches. Their average weight ranges from 74 to 130 pounds. The dogs need slightly more exercise than other breeds with their large body and weight to stay in shape.

The dogs also need a highly nutritious diet. Their life expectancy is 10 years, but they can live longer with proper care. Their price ranges from $2500 to $5000. 


Just like other American Bullies are defined by their weight and height, so is this one. It has a much higher muscle mass, height, and build than the standard bully, which defines this breed. It has a broader appearance and is the largest breed of the American Bully in terms of build and size. Moreover, they are amazing watchdogs. They have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Choose the right American Bully

The American Bully may seem like a ferocious beast, but they can be quite adorable. It’s a relatively new breed and has been recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club. They have amazing features and are fond of children. They’re the perfect family pet because of their obedience and loyalty. Their five types resemble each other, and the significant differences are in their height, weight, and price range. Overall, the American Bully is now recognized globally due to its looks and its qualities. 

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