Calzy, a rescue cat from the street, was found in a dire state.

Malnourished, dehydrated, and dirty, Calzy was immediately affectionate and sought out human touch the moment he was discovered.

His new family, Basmah and Aia Alkhudair, were visiting Saudi Arabia when they saw his picture on an Instagram page for rescue cats:

“He looked pretty worn down,” explained Basmah. “He looked really sad and we thought, OK, we should rescue him for sure.”

calzy 15

They gave him water and a bath, revealing that his fur was actually white, not the cream color it appeared to be initially. 

So Calzy made the journey with his new family from Saudi Arabia to Halifax in Canada to start his new life.

calzy 7

It took considerable time for Calzy to recover his health, during which he began to grow ear tufts and longer fur, transforming into a much healthier-looking cat.

calzy 13

His recovery was a slow and steady process. Initially, he lacked the distinctive ear tufts and long fur he would later develop. 

calzy 9

Over time, with proper care and love, Calzy began to change.

His fur grew longer and healthier, and he started to regain his strength and vitality.

calzy 8

Calzy’s exact breed remains a mystery.

Basmah and Aia believed that he might be a mix between a Persian and a Turkish Angora, although even his veterinarians are unsure.

calzy 4

His unique personality is as captivating as his appearance. Often mistaken for a grumpy cat due to his expressions.

“He looks like he’s a grumpy cat and sometimes he is,” shared Aia with We Love Cats and Kittens.

“But he’s also very lovable and affectionate and loves to cuddle.”

calzy 12

Unfortunately, Calzy’s past has left him with several health issues.

He suffers from kidney problems so he needs a specific diet and constant access to water, including a special water fountain. 

calzy 3

He also has respiratory issues that worsen under stress, so his loving family work hard to keep his environment as calm and comfortable as possible. 

calzy 11

Despite these challenges, Calzy’s presence has brought immense joy and happiness to Basmah and Aia. 

He has become an integral part of their lives, filling their home with love and laughter.

calzy 10

But Calzy’s charm extends beyond his immediate family.

Everyone who meets him, whether in person or online, can’t help but be captivated by his unique character and endearing personality. 

calzy 6

He has a massive following on TikTok, where fans can’t get enough of his wild tufts of hair.

“We decided to post a video of him out on the deck and his hair, his fur, is flying everywhere,” Aia said. “It just became a hit.”

calzy 14

Calzy’s online followers are totally obsessed with his magnificent mane,  but his humans say they have nothing to do with it.

“Everyone seems to think that we style it ourselves, but we don’t, it just grows out naturally like that,” explains Basmah.

calzy 1

There’s something about him that brings a smile to anyone’s face, making him a beloved member of not just his family, but also his online admirers. 

calzy 5

His resilience and loving nature have made a significant difference in Basmah and Aia lives, showing that sometimes, the pets we rescue end up rescuing us in return.

Check out this aww-mazing kitty in the video below:

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