Do you have a sink cat? One who shows up in your bathroom sink when you least expect it? While lying on a hard surface may seem less than comfy to you, lots of cats think sinks are one of the best napping surfaces in the house. And there are reasons for that.

Sinks are perfectly cat bed-sized

Most sinks are the same size as cat beds are! And they’re a similar shape too, with a rounded space to curl up. So of course your cats sees it as a built in sleeping spot.

It keeps them cool in hot weather

You may notice that cats are more likely to spend time in the sink when it’s warm out. That’s because the ceramic or porcelain surface stays cooler than other surfaces. An alternate to the sink is the bathtub, which is another place you might find your cat on a summer day.

And while the surface may seem uncomfortable to a human, it’s different for cat. Humans have no fur and they aren’t terribly flexible (at least not most of them). Cats have a cushion of fur, and their bodies are almost liquid in their flexibility. So sinks are the perfect space to contain them.

It’s an elevated surface

Cats, for the most part, prefer being up high. And while sinks aren’t the highest places in the house, they’re more elevated than their own beds often are. And if that’s the case at your house, you might consider finding some elevated spots to place your cat’s beds.

It’s private

Cats treasure their privacy. And bathrooms are one of the most private spots in the house. There’s little traffic, and it’s a way for them to have some peace and quiet.

Since sinks have all these things going for them, at least in a cat’s eyes, it makes you wonder why no one has ever invented a sink shaped cat bed? Guess what, someone actually has!

Hauspanther Nestegg
Hauspanther Nestegg
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Of course, not all cats are sink cats. You can count me among the sink dislikers. (As if it wasn’t obvious from my expression while I was posing for the photo for this post.) And I have good reason. Sinks are where I get my baths!

Somali cat getting a bath in a sink

And while I tolerate baths, I can’t say I enjoy them.

Is your cat a sink cat? Let me know in the comments!

Sinks: Why Most Cats (Except Me) Love Them


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