Mostly fishing.


Three days ago on my long trip to the west desert this Snowy Egret was a surprise find on a pond where I rarely (as in almost never) see them. ‘He’ was pretty close and the sun was behind me so there was no way I wasn’t going to stop for him. He gave me some static reflection poses like this one but I was hoping he’d get used to my presence, relax a little, and maybe give me a little action. Like fishing perhaps.

But I knew that getting quality photos would be a challenge. I didn’t find him until 10:07 AM, 4 hours after sunrise on a cloudless, intensely sunny day, so the light was already harsh – a terrible situation to try to get a good exposure on a brilliantly white bird. I did what I could, including shooting at -2 EV for these shots, but I sure wish I’d found him earlier.



When birds rouse I always fire off a burst in the hope of…



capturing a shot or two like this one, with feathers going every which way.



He was chasing fish all over that pond. His incredibly fast, herky-jerky movements made it very difficult for me to avoid clipping body parts, of the bird and/or his reflection.



In this case he missed the fish, but after the strike he could still see it in the water so he…



wheeled around 180° and chased it in the other direction but he still didn’t catch it. In the nine minutes I spent with him I only saw him catch one tiny fish. Lots of work for very little return.



This is the beginning of another instantaneous 180° turn. Notice how the base of his neck is twisted. To me it almost looks like his lower neck is becoming detached from his body.



A pretty good look at his signature “golden slippers”.



I’m including this shot just because I like the symmetry of bird and reflection.



We’ll end the way we began, with a rouse. This time he doesn’t look quite so… discombobulated.

Soon after I took this photo he took off and flew to the back of the pond where he was too far away for photos. And I headed for home. Next time, if there is a next time, I hope to find this bird or one of his buddies earlier in the morning.




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