Social Media Disclaimer

The following describes the Disclosure on social networks Competsport.

Social Networking Problem

We live in an interesting time when privacy rights are championed along with an unprecedented voluntary willingness of people to share the most intimate and superfluous details of their lives with the world, even in places like Competsport. While seemingly benign on the surface, the dangers of rampant public disclosure of sensitive information are beginning to emerge.

Key social media players are being sued for improper or unauthorized or abusive use of personal information. Lack of protection and warning are likely to be focal factors. Lawsuits are being filed seeking damages for statements deemed responsible for the death or suicide of individuals. Bloggers who presume to operate under unfettered freedom of speech or greater freedom afforded to members of the press are losing civil cases for defamation, libel, slander, libel, etc.

As social networks rapidly advance to enable easier and more technologically sophisticated dissemination, the simultaneous consequences of unbounded disclosure increase. Therefore, a sober approach to the benefits of social networking, while avoiding the dangers of reckless disclosure, can facilitate an enjoyable online experience, without the consequences of excess, in environments such as Competsport.

Presence / reach of social networks

You should assume that social networks are in use on behalf of the web. A simple click of a button to endorse a person, product or service is creating a cumulative profile about you, which you should always assume others can discover. When attempting to share a website with someone, either by directly pressing a button or by forwarding email facilitated on a website, you should assume that this may not stop at the intended recipient and that this may generate information about you that could be seen. by an infinite number of people. Such a domino effect could start right here on Competsport.

Something as simple as a comment on a blog provides the opportunity for knee-jerk reactions that may become public and may not really represent a position (at least in strength or severity) that you might have after a period of more reasoned contemplation. You should also be aware that the facility to access one site through another’s login credentials, or the use of a global login to access multiple sites may accumulate a dossier on you and your online behavior that may reveal more information to unintended parties than you. might realize or want. Any or all of these features could exist in Competsport at one time or another.

These few examples illustrate some possible ways in which social networking may exist, although this is not an exhaustive list and new technologies will quickly make this list obsolete. The goal is to realize the scope of social networking, its pervasive presence on websites in various forms (including this website) and to develop a responsible approach to its use.

Protecting Others

You should recognize the fact that disclosures made on and in the social media platforms on this website and others are rarely limited to you alone. Disclosures are commonly made about group matters that necessarily affect and impact others. Other disclosures are expressly about third parties, sometimes with little discretion. What may seem funny one moment may be tragic the next. And subtle “public” retaliation can have lifelong repercussions.

The ideal use of social networking on our website would limit your disclosures primarily to matters that concern you, not others. When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of non-disclosure. It is doubtful that the disclosure would be so significant that it could not be outweighed by the precaution of acting to protect the best interests of someone who is being unintentionally exposed by your decision to disclose something on web (or other) behalf.

Protecting Yourself

Likewise, you should pause to consider the long-term effects of a split-second decision to publicly share private information about yourself on behalf web. Opinions, likes, dislikes, preferences and other factors can change. Openly disclosing the perspectives you have today may conflict with your developing views about the future. However, the “new you” will always be juxtaposed with earlier statements you made that now take shape as part of your public profile. While the content of your breakfast may have little long-term impact, other data that is also easily shared can have consequences that could possibly affect your ability to obtain certain employment or hinder other life experiences and ambitions.

As with sharing information about other people, great care should be taken before disclosing information about yourself. When in doubt, it is best not to do so. The short-term gain, if any, could easily be outweighed by the consequences later. Finally, you should note that we are not responsible for removing content once it has been shared, and may not be able to do so.

Restrictions on Use of Social Media Data

You, as a Competsport visitor, are not permitted to “mine” social media or other platforms contained herein for personal information relating to others. Even when people have publicly displayed data, you should not interpret this as meaning that you are free to capture, reproduce or reuse that information. Any use of social media or related platforms on our website is for interactive use only, relevant only during a visit to the website.

Accuracy of Social Media Data

As any social media platform relies on user-generated content, you should consider this fact when trying to determine the authenticity of everything you read. We are not responsible for verifying the accuracy of any user-generated content. A best practice policy would be to consider all such content as strictly opinion, not fact.

Potential liability issues

You should also be aware of the fact that your words may give rise to liability for harm caused to others. While you have the right to freedom of speech, you do not have the right to harm others. Under the basic principles of tort law, you are always personally liable for situations in which:

1. you were asked to act, but failed to act (i.e., some “duty of care”); 2. you were asked to refrain from acting, but failed to act (i.e., some “duty of care”); and
2. You were asked to refrain from acting, but failed to do so (i.e., libel, slander, defamation, etc.).

These “sins of omission and commission” could get you into trouble, regardless of whether you claim to be conducting business under the guise of one or more business entities. Illegal and unethical conduct, when conducted on behalf of a corporation or LLC, is still illegal and unethical conduct. Since it is rarely part of a business plan to engage in illegal and unethical conduct, it is doubtful that you are operating in any official capacity, but rather, perhaps, taking advantage of that capacity to effect personal wrongdoing. You should consult a licensed attorney if you would like legal advice on the ramification (potential) of your situation or legal problems arising from this website or another.

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