Let’s go on a tour of the equine joint! This can help you understand what is happening below the surface and how to manage joint inflammation.

There’s a common saying: No hoof, no horse.

Although that is exceedingly true, we’ll take it one step farther and say that nearly the same can be said of joints… especially leg joints. It’s amazing how the delicate structures within the equine leg joints can support such large creatures — until they can’t.

That’s why we thought this interactive tool from Equine Guelph was super cool. Take a tour of the equine joint and learn what’s normal and what’s not.

If you found this interesting, you may enjoy the interactive tools available on Equine Guelph’s website.

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In this modern era, horses are living and performing well into their twenties and thirties. The maintenance of ample lubrication and durable articular surfaces within the joints is necessary to ensure long-term soundness and exceptional performance. Horses of all ages can benefit from the support of JointWise, a complete joint supplement.


  • Maintains a balanced immune response within the joint, decreasing damaging inflammation and the development of osteoarthritis
  • Preserves fluid motion and flexibility
  • Supplies the building blocks necessary to support normal cartilage growth and the regeneration of damaged tissues
  • Sustains ample high-quality synovial fluid, which lubricates and nourishes the joints

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