Very little was normal about this week’s therapy cat visit! First off, my human had a hard time getting the car out of the garage because the garage door was broken! She finally managed to get the car out and we still arrived on time. (She had the garage door spring replaced later that day.)

The other therapy cat, Josie, was there today too, with her humans. Both of us started off in the waiting room by the entrance. Nearly every person there wanted to see both of us! How fun that there were so many cat people.

Next, we stopped by Pediatrics, and three out of the four patients wanted to see me and Josie. Two of them were young teen girls who were bedridden. This was fine with me, since I got to relax on the bed and make happy paws for them. The other patient was a quiet and solemn teenage boy. He petted me for a very long time.

Josie visited these patients too. While she was with the boy, my human and I stopped by the Residents’ Work Room. A couple of them were there and so happy to see me! For the woman, it was her first time seeing one of the therapy pet teams, since she often was on the Covid wards.

After visiting the residents, my human and I sat for a few minutes while Josie finished up… and then alarms sounded and lights started flashing. It turned out to be a Code Red, which means fire or smoke. I don’t think the problem was serious, but we went downstairs and the staff asked us to sign out for the day.

In case you are wondering, I wasn’t disturbed by the alarm sounds, or the flashing lights. Which is one of the reasons I’m a therapy cat.

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Therapy Cat, Interrupted


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