Meet Stevie, the wonder kitten!

Despite being blind, Stevie lives life just like any other happy kitty.

Stevie’s journey began on the streets. Imagine how that must of felt for such a tiny kitten to be all alone.

When he was brought to the shelter, he was a tiny, weak, and starving bundle of fur. His eyes were severely infected and painful.

stevie 2

The compassionate team at SpokAnimals in Washington made the difficult decision to perform surgery to remove both of Stevie’s eyes. 

This surgery saved his life but also meant that Stevie would be blind for the rest of his days.

stevie 3

When Jamie Myers was asked to foster this little guy, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

“The folks at our local shelter saw value in his life, and they saved him,” explained Jamie.

“They performed life-saving surgery to remove both of his eyes and asked me if I would like to foster him.”

stevie 5

So she welcomed Stevie into her home with open arms, determined to give him the best care possible.

stevie 12

With each passing day, Stevie grew stronger. He learned to eat on his own, a significant milestone for any young kitten.

With his strength returning, Stevie eagerly started to explore his new surroundings – which included a trip into the great outdoors.

stevie 16

Stevie soon discovered the joy of cat toys. He found his favorites and began enjoying endless hours of playtime.

stevie 15

This playful and friendly kitten quickly bonded with the other cats in Jamie’s house, especially a cat named Waffles.

stevie 4

Stevie looked up to Waffles as a perfect role model. He followed his new friend everywhere, attentively mimicking Waffles’ every move.

And being a caring kitty, Waffles didn’t mind having a little furball by his side.

stevie 10

He warmly accepted Stevie and patiently taught him how to navigate the house.

Waffles was very patient with his determined little friend, who wanted to live a normal and happy kitty life despite his blindness.

stevie 6

Waffles became more than just a friend to Stevie; he became a mentor. Stevie looked up to Waffles and followed him everywhere, mimicking his every move.

Waffles, in turn, was incredibly patient and accepting of his new friend. He taught Stevie how to navigate the house, showing him the ins and outs of their home environment.

stevie 9

Their bond was not only practical but also deeply affectionate.The incredible friendship between Stevie and Waffles was heartwarming to witness. 

stevie 8

Watching Stevie thrive in this nurturing environment, Jamie realized that her home was where he truly belonged.

His bond with Waffles was a beautiful sight to behold. It became clear that Stevie was meant to stay with Jamie forever.

stevie 14

Stevie brought so much joy into her house, and his bond with Waffles was so beautiful that it was impossible to imagine him anywhere else.

“I knew from the moment I saw him that we were his forever family,” shared Jamie.

stevie 11

Stevie has now found his forever home, where he has a great time with lots of feline friends to snuggle and play with.

He even showed interest in hanging out with dogs!

stevie 7

Despite a rocky start and the loss of his eyes, Stevie seized his chance to be happy against all odds.

With Jamie and Waffles’ help, Stevie learned that he could love and be loved, and that he could live his life to the fullest.

stevie 13

And that’s exactly what this beautiful cat does – he loves his family and enjoys life with them!

Check him out in the video below:

A big thank you to Jamie for sharing Stevie’s story with us.

You can see more of this delightful family on Facebook

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