After enduring countless unknown hardships on the streets of New York, Pikameow found himself on the brink of being euthanized.

He was placed on the emergency euthanasia list due to his aggressive behavior upon arrival at the city shelter.

Enter Meagan from Puppy Kitty NYCity. When she heard about Pikameow’s dire situation, she couldn’t stand by and let him be euthanized without giving him a second chance.

pikameow 1

However, rehabilitating this feisty furball proved to be a daunting task, as he had serious behavioral issues.

pikameow 2

Pikameow was triggered by almost everything, but loud noises seemed to upset him the most.

The shelter staff worked diligently to minimize noise and, knowing that feline companionship was not an option for Pikameow, they provided him with a stuffed toy instead.

pikameow 3

These stuffed animals might have been Pikameow’s first friends, and once he held them, he never wanted to let go.

It was heartwarming to see this anxious cat start to behave like any other cuddly kitty.

pikameow 11

This progress, however, was just a small step on a long journey. Pikameow remained nervous, and everyone hoped that a loving foster home would help him further.

pikameow 10

Yet, as months passed, no one came forward to offer him a home.

pikameow 15

Eventually, the shelter staff decided to enroll him in a cat boot camp, and Pikameow found a wonderful foster mom who was ready to give him a chance.

pikameow 6

He began showing signs of improvement, enjoying exploring the house and playing.

Other cats became more accepting of him, and there were no signs of aggression for some time.

pikameow 14

Then, something unexpected happened. Pikameow attacked his foster mom and an adopter, leading to his return to the shelter.

pikameow 7

This setback did not mean Pikameow was beyond rehabilitation; it simply indicated that he needed more time and patience to become the perfect kittycat.

pikameow 9

Once he was deemed ready again, one of the foster volunteers, Minxie, took him into her home. Pikameow was given a fresh start under Minxie’s care.

pikameow 4

The vet prescribed medication, and Minxie ensured he took it regularly while following other advice from the doctor.

Minxie reported that Pikameow, or Pika, was doing great: “He was an extremely difficult behavior case, but we think he is really turning the corner.”

pikameow 12

Just like in humans, behavioral issues in cats are treatable with patience and sometimes medication. Pikameow is living proof of this.

pikameow 11

No one knows the full extent of what this adorable cat has been through or what made him aggressive, but thanks to the kindness and perseverance of people like Meagan and Minxie, Pika finally feels safe.

pikameow 5

He is becoming playful, cuddly, and a very chatty fellow!

Pikameow’s story is a reminder that every creature, no matter how troubled, has the potential to heal and find happiness with the right care and love.

Check out the video below:

A big thank you to Meagan and Minxie for all the tireless work they do and for sharing Pikameow’s story with us.

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