6-year-old Liam was adopted from a local shelter when he was just two months old.

 Since that day, he has been an integral part of his family’s life, they cannot imagine their lives without him.

liam 16

When he was still a kitten, Liam’s family were relocating to another part of the country.

That was when they realized he absolutely adored going on trips in the car.

liam 14

“At first we took him on short road trips in the car to get him accustomed to it,” they explained to We Love Cats and Kittens.

liam 2

And since his first car ride, it was clear that Liam loved traveling.

“He was fascinated by the sights outside the windows and thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the scenery.”

liam 15

Their frequent eight-hour road trips from their current residence to their hometown became a breeze for Liam, who relished every moment in the car.

liam 12

Liam also loves to go walking in the outdoors and delights in exploring new areas, but also has favorite spots that he enjoys revisiting.

He’s become familiar with his family’s hiking routes and takes great pleasure in these adventures.

liam 3

“His favorite activity is wandering through the woods, where he enjoys exploring the forest.”

liam 8

However, his family’s favorite pastime is camping and they always take Liam along.

He loves these trips and especially enjoys spending time in his tent.

liam 17

This loving family soon discovered Liam’s love for posing for the camera and began creating short scripted movies featuring him.

Each new idea required a new costume, and now Liam’s wardrobe has grown to be more extensive than his family’s!

liam 6

They particularly enjoy creating movie references with him, such as The Godfather and Indiana Jones.

“We love to create everyday live sketches or unique scripted storytelling videos and short films of our own.”

liam 1

And of course Liam Is the main actor!

He’s a natural performer, always ready to put on a costume and act in his short films

liam 5

His favorite costume is Yoda from Star Wars, and he often wears it for his “Paw Wars” videos.

liam 9

With an extensive collection of costumes, it’s difficult to count them all.

At various times, he has been a cowboy, Harry Potter, The Godfather, Indiana Jones, as well as many other iconic characters.

liam 10

This talented kitty has quite a following on social media where his fans eagerly await his next role.

liam 11

“He’s a natural actor and he always poses for the camera.”

liam 4

Despite his extraordinary skills and unique personality, his family insist that he remains an ordinary kitty that has brought immense joy and change to their life.

liam 7

He has enriched their lives in countless ways, and they wouldn’t change a single thing about him.

Check out his skills in the video below:

A big thank you to Liam’s family for sharing his story with us.

You can see more of this talented kitty on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook

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