“We talk about what we we’ve done, but we ride forward, and do our best to honor veterans and our country.” Veterans find peace in working with and riding horses.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, but it’s being observed today. Therefore, we want to take the time to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Being the horse-loving and horse-focused community we are, of course we want to look at what horses are able to do for some veterans.

Working with horses, specifically engaging in equine-assisted therapy, has been shown to be an effective method of treating PTSD, depression, anxiety and other chronic mental health issues. This has served true for these veterans who have found peace in working with traumatized horses and riding with each other.

Cody, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, said, “I’m just able to be more relaxed and handle things as they come, instead of worrying about them before they happen.”

In addition to working with horses, he rides with other veterans who have also found some solace in working with and riding horses.

“It was nice to be around a group of veterans who had a similar interest and that didn’t dwell on what we’d done,” he added. “We talk about what we we’ve done, but we ride forward, and do our best to honor veterans and our country.”

Equine-assisted therapy can be found in a number of locations. Recently, this video was shared about another facility that offers free services to veterans in the Chagrin Falls area:

This initiative lets veterans see what a day in the life at a farm is like and helps them cope with their PTSD.

Thank you, veterans, for your service.

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