I got to visit the assisted living residences this week. When we walked into the big room of the first home, a chair workout was playing on the TV. Several of the people I visit regularly were following along. But one of them paused to say hello to me, and she was so happy to see me that I spent a lot of time on the sofa with her.

I also visited the nonverbal woman who pets me with heavy hands. She was wearing a pretty new beaded bracelet, and showed it to my human, who admired it. Then she petted me for a really long time. I even gave her a headbutt. Since there was a screen timer on the workout, my human knew it would be a while before the others were ready to see me. So the ones not working out got some extra time with me.

Finally toward the end of the chair workout, the woman who likes my high fives took a break to visit with me, and so did her friend with the red hair. I did some high fives and waves for them, and when the red-haired lady wanted a photo of me, my human pulled the Instamatic camera out of her bag, and took a photo of me with her. Which was fun, because she wasn’t expecting that!

After that, we visited the second house. I don’t mention that one as much because it’s quieter and I usually only see a handful of people. But I was busy this time. Along with seeing one of my regular friends at the beginning, I also hung out with a woman who enjoyed me so much that I settled down in the big comfy chair with her. Then we went into the side room where they play games and do crafts. I saw a couple of people there too before finishing up my visit for the day.

I had an especially good time with all the residents!

Visiting My Assisted Living Friends


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