Hi, I’m Christopher! Read my introduction to learn more about me and my silly Russian Blue cat, Olga.

I try not to bore my dog-loving friends with too many cat stories, but it’s challenging since I live with an amusing goofball who never ceases to surprise me. Cats are fascinating subjects, and I doubt I’ll ever have trouble writing about Olga’s antics. Although, like most cats, she dislikes change and enjoys following a routine, she can be unpredictable.

I can count on her to glare at me and whine when dinnertime is a few hours away, but she doesn’t initiate the begging process at the same time every day. After several naps, she’s glued to the window and can’t keep her eyes off the birds and squirrels in my yard. She spends more time there since the temperature has increased and a new visitor caught her attention.

Window Watching

A field mouse, or more likely several field mice, has been hopping across the lawn in the late afternoon. I understand that mice spread disease and carry parasites, but I’m glad to see the rodents as long as they do not inhabit my house or take over my backyard. They distract Olga and allow me to spend my last hours of work in a calmer state.

I’m sorry; it’s time for me to interrupt your work.

She gets so excited that she attacks the blinds and scratches the windowpanes. I don’t get upset since she’s taking her frustration out on inanimate objects instead of my legs or back. When she’s not distracted by the wildlife and thinks I’m waiting too long to serve dinner, she usually finds something else to attack before becoming violent.

Hunger Attacks

I haven’t trained her to practice restraint when handling her afternoon hunger, but she seems more patient than a year ago, when she would chew on my shoelaces, dive on my back, or claw up my legs. However, she still attacks me occasionally or runs to the other side of my house and howls in the laundry room.

I'm impatiently awaiting my supper.
I’m impatiently awaiting my supper.

Some people hate cats because of their unusual or unpredictable behavior. They’re worried about a surprise attack, but I look forward to them. When Olga runs up to me after hiding behind the couch, paws me in the back of the leg, and fluffs up her fur to look more menacing, it cracks me up.

Demonic Behavior

I keep the door closed when I’m in the shower so that she can’t tear into the shower curtain, but besides that, I’m pretty tolerant when she morphs into a demon. I like watching her run laps around my house and leap from the couch to the recliner. Her eyes are dilated, and she looks like a cat possessed. I have a rocking recliner, and when Olga dives on it, the back slams into the drywall.

Stop saying I look demented.
Stop saying I look demented.

It sounds like someone hit the wall with the sledgehammer, and the first time she did it, the noise scared her, but now, it doesn’t phase her. She ignores it and continues to run at full speed until she slows down a bit and attempts to climb the wall molding in the hallway. Sometimes, she scratches my antique desk or tears into the headboard of my bed. I tell her to stop or chase her away, but it’s hard for me to get mad at her. She’s an amusing little creep, and that’s why I think some pet owners love talking and writing about their insane felines.


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