After visiting three or four shelters, it takes the average American four months and twenty days to find the right dog breed.

The fact that a dog is man’s best friend isn’t new but what is newsworthy is that recent studies have shown that bond can be traced back 11,000 years to the end of the last ice age! And they’ve been at our side ever since. It truly is human nature to want a dog as a companion. Whether this is your first dog or you’ve had several best friends in your life, you should always carefully weigh your decision with as much information as possible to find the right dog breed for you. 

Love at first sight? According to SWNS Digital, it takes the average American four months and twenty days to find the one. Most visited three or four shelters and averaged more than 6 1/2 hours doing online research.

What breed of dog is right for you may not be the one you initially saw in the dog park, movie, or pet shop window. There are an incredible 350 breeds of dogs! And each breed has its unique qualities, both excellent and patience-trying.

Here we look at a few popular breeds (and maybe a few you’ve never heard of) that are fun, loyal, smart, and family-friendly for you to consider so you can choose the right dog breed for you.


Golden RetrieversGolden retriever puppy on white background. Golden retriever puppies quickly bond with their people and love to play.

The gold standard of dogs may well be the Golden Retriever. Dog’s Best Life writes, “Intelligent, loyal, and eager to please, the golden retriever is ranked third on the American Kennel Club’s list of the most popular dog breeds.” Goldens are highly trainable, which is good because they have a lot of energy. They’re friendly, pleasant, and get along well with children and other dogs.


Happy Corgi puppy sticks out tongue. Puppies are expert chewers so it's crucial to prepare your home and remove temptations before your puppy arrives.
Puppies are expert chewers, so it’s crucial to prepare your home and remove temptations before your puppy arrives.

The Queen’s dog choice, the Corgi, is a fiercely loyal breed. They are active and intelligent, easy to train, and anxious to learn.

They are small enough for apartment living, although they require frequent walks. When you’re shopping for a harness for your Corgi, make sure it’s padded on both back and chest and is designed for even weight distribution. Corgis are friendly to kids, strangers, and other dogs. These small dogs have big hearts and make wonderful family pets.






Bichon frisé

Bred to be pampered by French royalty, the Bichon frisé is small, sturdy, and adorably fluffy. They’re beautiful, charming, and never met a stranger. The AKC refers to them as “merry and curious.” Their size and temperament make them the perfect city dog.

Giving your Bichon Friese probiotics and raw meaty bones are two ways to help improve their dental health, a problem for the breed, along with routine teeth brushing.


Other options to find the right dog breed 

Cuties like the Russian Toy and the Pomeranian; spunkies like the Norwich Terrier, the Mudi, and the Basenji; and sweeties like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Shiba Inu are dog breeds to consider when you’re searching for that most companionable of all companions.

Whether you choose one of these purebred beauties or an adorably sweet pound-puppy, they will all need proper nutrition, so make sure you’re feeding your dog high-quality pet food. Your dog will feel better, look better, and be happier and more content when provided with the proper diet.

Shelter dogs and mixed breeds can be every bit as intelligent, healthy, loyal, and companionable as any dog you spend thousands of dollars to buy. Rescued dogs seem never to forget that you saved them, and their loyalty is legendary. Adopt-Not-Shop is a kind, responsible first step to pet ownership.

And finally, no matter the size or location of your home, no matter the breed or age of your dog, you will need to conduct a good safety check before bringing a pet into your house. Check for things like plants that could be toxic, loose cords and wires, and be sure household cleaners are out of reach. You can have the most intelligent dog in the universe, but they still won’t read labels. 

Tyler Evans has never met a dog he didn’t like. He’s a proud dog papa to two German Shepherd rescues and the creator of Dog Zasters. Tyler created the website to showcase the funny, sometimes messy, side of being a dog parent. He hopes the website will bring joy to those who visit it and encourage people to welcome the love of a dog into their lives.

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