I started the week with a modeling gig for Sleepypod. Which meant I got a bath over the weekend.

Somali cat after receiving bath

Here’s my favorite part of the bath — when it’s over! Because I always look awesome, and because, well, it’s over. Plus I know that if I’m getting a bath, I’m getting to do something exciting.

Somali cat with harness and leash

When I arrived at the Sleepypod offices, I got dressed up in one of their harnesses and a leash. My first shoot was outside. Since that was my least favorite part of the session, and my human spent most of the time making sure I was okay and not too stressed out, she didn’t get to take any behind the scenes photos.

Somali cat in carrier during photo session

Inside, it was a completely different story! I love being in the studio. My human was my stylist, and kept my fur and tail looking nice while I was being photographed.

Somali cat in charcoal carrier during photo session.

I posed in different colored carriers, in a harness, and just wearing a collar.

Somali cat cat in carrier on top of rolling suitcase

They even had me pose in a carrier that was on top of a rolling suitcase.

Somali cat giving a high five

During breaks between carrier changes, my human did some training practice. In fact, she had me waving my paw for some of the photos.

Somali cat after photo session

We finished right on time! Which was good because a Scottish Fold cat was already waiting to model for another set of photos. So in a few weeks, if you see some Sleepypod ads or stop by their website, you may see new photos of me!

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