There are only a few days left before the ban on XL Bullies in England and Wales takes full effect. Starting Feb. 1, only current XL Bully owners with a certification of exemption will be allowed to keep the breed. Unfortunately, the breed’s ban has birthed a new fear for dog owners whose dogs closely resemble the XL Bully. 

XL Bully ban could lead to unfair scrutiny of other big dog breeds

Dog owners with large breeds who have a striking resemblance to the XL Bully now fear they’ll face unfair scrutiny. 

Most feel they’ll receive disapproving looks when out in public with their dogs. Additionally, they fear that people will mistake their canines for XL Bullies and report them to relevant authorities.

Andrea Jane Taylor is one of those dog owners. The England resident — who owns a 4-year-old Alapaha Blue American Bulldog — spoke to BBC News about her concerns.  

Taylor told the news outlet she’s “doing everything to protect her dog.” She added that “every minute she worries” about going out in public with her pet. 

Like many other dog owners in her situation, Taylor isn’t ready to face the stigma of owning a “banned breed,” even though her dog isn’t an XL Bully. 

What does the UK government classify as an “XL Bully?”

To clear the confusion surrounding the banned breed, the U.K. government outlined a couple of physical characteristics to distinguish XL Bullies from the rest. 

According to the government, an XL Bully is “a large dog with a muscular body and a blocky head, suggesting great strength and power for its size.”

Since announcing the ban, the government advised unsure dog owners to compare their dogs’ features against the government’s set criteria.  

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